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Jibs SPLoGs: Slip-On Comfort

Originally designed as an apres ski hybrid shoe/clog, the Splog is a sporty, slip-on shoe for kicking around the lodge or around town. I started wearing my fleece Sport Splogs as slippers, but soon found that I didn't want to take them off when I left the house because they have such a supportive and comfortable sole. Now I wear them every day.

In addition to some serious treads, the thick EVA and rubber soles incorporate a rocker design which helps the foot naturally roll from heel to toe with each step. The removable insoles, made our of a dense, springy material, are surprisingly cushiony. Unlike a clog, the Splog isn't entirely backless. It's got a low lip around the back of the heel. I like this design because I feel like my heel gets a bit of support and it allows me to remove the foot bed and insert my custom orthotic. Using the handy heel tab, slipping into the Splog is simple and quick. Adjusting the fit is easy, too, with the single lace collar loop. Men's, women's, and children's sizes available in fleece, nylon, and a winter boot.

Bottom Line: These are the most stable slip-on shoes I've worn..--E.D. (Dec '04)

Price: $75.00

Manufacturer's Site: www.jibs.com


The seven highest peaks of the seven continents include:

1) Mount Everest (Asia)-29,035 ft/8850 m

2) Aconcagua (South America)-22, 841ft/6962m

3) Mount McKinley (North America)-20,320ft/6194m

4) Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa)-19,563ft/5963m;

5) Mount Elbrus (Europe)-18,481ft/5633m

6) Puncak Jaya (Australia/Oceania)-16,502ft/5030m

7) Vinson Massif (Antarctica)-16,066/4897m

Source: Peakware World Mountain Encylopedia